I joined AppWorks startup accelerator

8/3 is the welcome day for AppWorks #17. I am lucky to get accepted into this program. It helps startups to grow from 0 to 1 to many. I overheard that sometimes it can bring 1 to -1. Starting a new business is hard, but with so many founders and co-founders sitting together, I felt the passion around us. People really have great ideas. By talking with smart people, we can inspire new ideas, or new business models.

For startup, we don’t know exactly what the market needs, but we just go out and launch apps, events one by one. Hopefully, one can get traction. It’s like trying out different ideas and see which one really works, and which one the market is willing to open their wallets to pay you. It’s just the beginning, little by little, how to manage a business in terms of talents recruiting, sufficient funding to support, product or service support, customer relationship will come out.

I am excited to start my own business, and I already feel that I learn a lot comparing to staying in big companies. I wear multiple hats, sometimes I am a sales guy, sometimes I am a marketing guy, posting blogs, maintaining facebook fan page. Sometimes I am a project manager, need to organize workloads to make sure important and urgent things got higher priority to be done. The journey is so different than what I experienced before, and I really enjoy it.



Author: Jason Chuang

I am a software engineer and entrepreneur. Tzu-Cheng Chuang

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